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Perfect & very detail umrah guideline by expert bangladeshi muallim arranged by holyhajjnumrah

The Holy Hajj & Umrah Travel Agency Always Guide Pilgrims in Ideal Way The Holy Hajj & Umrah Travel Agency is Keeping on Guide for Performing Umrah in the Right Manner

There are four (4) customs in Umrah

  • Putting up of Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sa’yee
  • Qasar / Halaq


A pilgrim sets Niyyat of Umrah and recites Talbiya before Meqat.

The right process of wearing of Ihram

  • Take a bath (Ghusal) with the intention of Ihram.
  • Wear Ihram sheets.
  • Offer two Rakat of Nafal by covering your head.
  • With your head uncover declare your intention / Niyyah

After reciting Talbiya, go forward to perform Tawaf

During Ihram you should not

  • Cut nails, hair or extra hair from any part of the body
  • Use of any scents on the body or on the robes.
  • Stitch clothing.
  • Cover face or head.
  • Hunt of animals even of lice.
  • Sexual activity


Move around the Ka,bah seven times with respect and devotion. Stop reciting the Talbiyyah at the time of Tawaf. You must be in Wudu (ablution). After finishing Tawaf, Start at the Black Stone either and kiss it if you can, if not. Touch it with your right hand, if not. Face the Black Stone and point at it with your right hand.


The meaning of Sa’ey is to run/ walk back and forth seven times between the hills of Safah & Marwa which are located to the North and South of Ka’bah.

The final step of Umrah is Qasar / Halaq

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