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Perfect & very detail hajj guideline by expert bangladeshi muallim arranged by holyhajjnumrah

Our Guidelines Are Designed According to the Guidelines of Religion Affairs.

Various types of guidelines on different languages are available for pilgrims. The Holy Hajj & Umrah travel arranges the different types of guidelines. You need right guidelines to perform your holy hajj & Umrah. If you don’t understand the Bangla & Arabic language we arrange the English guidelines for you to perform the Holy Hajj

The traditional Hajj guidelines are as follows:

The 8th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah is the first day of the Hajj pilgrimage. Pilgrims go into into a state of holiness by wearing the Ihram while inside Mecca and proceed to Mina, a neighborhood of Mecca and are some 10 km away from central Mecca. Pilgrims go by walking in large groups and camp overnight in Mina. Mina, the city of tents have more than 100,000 air-conditioned tents which provide temporary accommodation to Hajj pilgrims. Pilgrims spend the day praying during their stay in Mina.

On the 9th, pilgrims started to move towards the desert planes of Arafat, some 15 km away from Mina. It is said that a pilgrim's Hajj is regarded invalid if they do not spend the afternoon in Arafat. Pilgrims expend time praying in Arafat until sunset. And as soon as the sun sets, the pilgrims begin to depart Arafat for Muzdalifah. Muzdalifah is some 10 km from Arafat on the route between Mina and Arafat. Pilgrims collect pebbles for the next day's ritual of the stoning of the devil in Arafat and camp overnight at open area of Muzdalifah, and often end-up sleeping in the open air.

On the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah, pilgrims progress back to Mina and from Mina continue proceeding towards Jamarat Bridge, some 5 km from Mina. At Jamarat Bridge, a symbolic stoning of the devil is executed which involves throwing seven pebbles at the large wall representing the Devil. After performing the stoning of the devil, pilgrims do the sacrifice of an animal. After that pilgrims go back to Mecca and do Tawaf and Sa'ii of Hajj. Now Ihram are removed and normal clothing can be worn. By night, pilgrims move back to Mina and spend the night there.

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On the 11th, pilgrims again go on to Jamarat Bridge and perform the stoning of the devil.

On the 12th, pilgrims again proceed to Jamarat Bridge and perform yet another stoning of the devil. By sunset, they move back to Mecca.

On the 13th, pilgrims execute Tawaf Widaa, a final circumambulation of the Kaaba and start to leave Mecca for their homes.

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