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General Guidelines to be Followed During the Hajj & Umrah Performing

As we know that Hajj means worshipping Allah by performing the Hajj rituals, which are defined as specific acts performed at a specific time and place in a specific way. Before performing hajj we have to follow some regulations that called guidelines also.

Following General Guidelines are Drawn Out for You to Execute Your Hajj & Umrah Efficiently

Gazing in your own path

As a Muslim, it is compulsory for men to keep their gaze lower whenever they contradict situations where men and women tend to gather together (especially in Makkah).

Look after your Self-Respect

Each woman (barring women above 45 years) is bound to travel for Hajj 2017 and Umrah with a Mehram (One whom she can’t marry). Hence it is the duty of men to safeguard them

Avoid Combining with non-Mahrams

It is forbidden (under all circumstances) to intermingle with non-Mahrams who are living in the same hotel or are in the same groups as yours

Pre – Hajj / Umrah Preparation

Another important general guideline for Hajj / Umrah is to explore relevant and necessary ‘Ilm’ (knowledge) from dependable sources prior leaving for Hajj or Umrah. This will help you perform Hajj / Umrah independently and with confidence. Learning a few Arabic words will come very handy.

Meet People with salam

Meet your fellow pilgrims with Salam. Every pilgrim is bound to be a Muslim so spread Salam wherever you go as lack of greetings is one of the signs of Qayamat.

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Having the mind of cooperation

A very general guideline to perform Hajj / Umrah is to respect the elders. Ensure to assist them whenever it possible so that they perform their Hajj / Umrah successfully.

Fixed on a Price Before Making the Transaction

In order to avoid unnecessary disagreements, agree on the price level prior to making the transactions. You will have to set your negotiation skills into practice for getting your laundry done, during shopping, for rendering additional services at the airport.

During the Pilgrim evade setting musical ringtone on your Phone

Instead of any song or melodious tune, put a simple generic ringtone on your phone. The general guideline for Hajj / Umrah is to stick to the basic tunes. Avoid using your phone as much as possible, especially during Tawaf. Use of phones during the holy journey is a sign of disrespect.

Capturing Picture

Unluckily, instead of focusing on performing the Hajj and Umrah correctly, people locate spots to capture the perfect picture. Honestly, if one is genuine enough and realize the actual worth of this journey, he or she will get so engrossed in worship that they will forget about all irrelevant actions. One needs not to provide others with proof that they were there. Hajj and Umrah are performed for Allah only and he does not require any proofs.

Be Friendly with All

Do not hesitate to socialize with your fellow pilgrims. Do not be shy to initiate the conversation. If one can’t do any of this, they should pass a smile at-least.

Show the humble figure

One might come across some fellow Muslims who will advise you whenever you make a mistake. This happens more often in Makkah. If someone does that, listen to them patiently and be humble. On the other hand, if you see someone struggling and seeking for help, do not hesitate to advise them.

We would be delighted to provide you with an exceptional Hajj & Umrah experience this year. Please contact us today so that we may assist you in joining the best hajj group.

Special Notice:

Visitors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall abide by the country’s Islamic laws and regulations and respect its society’s values and traditions.

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