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List of Umrah Agencies in Bangladesh

Embarking on the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah is a deeply cherished dream for countless Muslims. However, choosing the right agency in Bangladesh can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. To simplify this process and help you make an informed choice, we present a comprehensive and meticulously crafted list of Umrah agencies in Bangladesh.

This guide, designed to meet the needs of both first-time travelers and seasoned pilgrims, will serve as your trusted companion on this spiritually enriching journey.

Top-Rated Umrah Agencies in Bangladesh

Here is a list of Umrah Agencies in Bangladesh:

Holy Hajj & Umrah

Holy Hajj & Umrah is a leading and trusted Umrah Agency in Bangladesh. This agency warmly welcomes Muslims from Bangladesh and offers various Umrah packages designed for different categories of pilgrims. It provides comprehensive Umrah services, including hotel booking, round-trip flight tickets, visa processing, visiting (Ziyarah) tours, etc.

Office: Madhyamoni (1st floor), House 343, Road 25, Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh.

Mobile: 01844-509199


Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela

Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela is a trusted Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. This agency offers different categories of Umrah packages, expert Shariah consultants, special da’e, Umrah guides, and complete Umrah services.

Office: 55, Azad Centre, Suite No. 9/A, 9th Floor, Dhaka 1000


JetWay Hajj Group

JetWay Hajj Group is a Saudi Ministry of Hajj-approved Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. The agency offers various lengths of packages, with options for budget, comfort, and luxury. It also offers combo packages that include Umrah with a trip to other destinations.

Office: 4th Floor, Noakhali Tower, 55/B Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000


Al-Arafah Overseas

Al-Arafah Overseas is a well-accepted Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. It offers Umrah packages and allows performing Umrah at an affordable cost. From visa processing to return air tickets, all services related to Umrah are provided by this agency.

Office: 153, Rony House, Motijhil, Dhaka – 1000

ZamZam Travels BD

ZamZam Travels BD is a specialized agency for Umrah and Hajj in Bangladesh. It is an IATA-accredited agent. This agency offers a variety of Umrah packages. Assists pilgrims in the entire process of Umrah.

Office: 32, Purana Paltan, Sultan Ahmad Plaza, (East side Of Paltan Mosque), 11th Floor (Suite-1202), Dhaka-1000

Website: is a reliable Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. It offers Umrah services all over Bangladesh at a budget-friendly cost. This agency provides top-notch amenities to pilgrims from Bangladesh so that they can perform Umrah without tension.

Office: Bashati Condominium (Floor 10/D), House No. 15, Road No.17, Banani, Dhaka-1213


Noor Hajj Travels & Tours

Noor Hajj Travels & Tours is an award-winning Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. This agency offers standard, regular, and premium Umrah packages. The agency provides all kinds of Umrah-related services. It is committed to helping pilgrims perform Umrah according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Office: 106/ka Cosmic Tower (5th floor), Naya Paltan, Box Culvert Road, Dhaka-1000


ITS Holidays Limited

ITS Holidays Limited is a well-known travel agency in Bangladesh, dedicated to making your Umrah pilgrimage dreams a reality. It offers a variety of services to fill up your specific needs of Umrah.

Office: Punnashi villa, Level4, Flat-4/A, House-150, Block-E, Road-10, Banani, Dhaka-1213


United Makkah Madinah Travel & Assistance Co.Ltd

United Makkah Madina Travel Assistance Co. Ltd, operating for a long time in the field of Umrah, is a licensed travel agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They specialize in facilitating and guiding pilgrims undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage.

Office: United House, Madani Avenue, United City, Dhaka-1212

Website: United Makkah Madinah Travel & Assistance Co.Ltd

Air Speed Pvt. Ltd.

Air Speed Pvt Ltd is a reputable Umrah agency in Bangladesh. It is dedicated to providing the best Umrah services to all pilgrims from Bangladesh. Also, the agency offers cost-effective Umrah packages so that all categories of pilgrims can perform Umrah easily.

Office: Orchard Farook Tower, 72 Naya Paltan, Suite#7A (7th Floor), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Al Mansur Air Services Limited is a popular Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. Every year the agency sends a minimum of 1000 Umrah pilgrims from Bangladesh. It offers different types of Umrah packages where including 10-90 days long Umrah packages.

Office: 204 Syed Nazrul Islam Road (12/B New), Bijoy Nagar, Aziz Co-Operative (3rd Floor)


Challenger Travels & Tours Ltd is a top-rated Umrah travel agency that offers different types of Umrah packages, visa processing, air ticketing, and hotel booking. The agency is dedicated to providing the highest level of amenities to pilgrims in performing Umrah.

Office: City Heart Building (5th Floor), 67, Dhaka 1000


Madani Hajj Travels & Tours is a trustworthy Umrah Travel agency in Bangladesh. It offers Umrah packages and provides comfortable accommodation to pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah, an opportunity to visit tours in historical places, visa processing, and roundtrip air tickets.

Office: 65 S. J Jahanara Imam Sharani, Spectra Maqsood Tower, Ground Floor,(Beside Starkabab) Elephant Road. Dhaka 1205


Cosmic Air International

Cosmic Air International is an exclusive Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. Offers Umrah packages and various facilities for pilgrims from Bangladesh. Provides visa processing, air ticket, accommodation, and Ziarah services to pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah.

Office: Dar-Us-Salam Arcade, 14 Purana Palton, 5th Floor, Dhaka -1000.

Islam Overseas & Travels Ltd

Islam Overseas is a licensed Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh, that offers Umrah packages at a reasonable price. Provides complete Umrah services from visa process to return air ticket so that pilgrims can perform Umrah tension-free.

Office: 49/1, Purana Paltan Line, 2nd Floor, Dhaka-1000.

Shanjari Travels & Tours (PVT) Ltd

Shanjari Travels & Tours (PVT) Ltd is a Saudi Ministry of Hajj-approved Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. They are sincere in providing all kinds of Umrah services and offering low-cost Umrah-Hajj packages.

Office: 78, Shanjari Tower(1st Floor) Motijhil, Dhaka

Kazi Air International

Kazi Air International is one of the trusted Umrah agencies in Bangladesh. Does professional behavior with pilgrims. Assists pilgrims first to last in the Umrah pilgrimage. Provides the best services and packages.

Office: Kazi Tower (2nd Floor), 86, Inner Circular (VIP) Road, Naya Paltan, Dhaka-1000.

ShepHerds Hajj & Umrah Services

ShepHerds Hajj & Umrah Services is a well-accepted Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. Dedicated to providing the best services in the Umrah journey. Committed to following the rules of the Quran and Sunnah while performing Umrah.

Office: Hossain Housing, 17-18 Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1207.

Ehsan Air Travels is an award-winning and highly reviewed Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. The agency ensures guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind overall Umrah experience. Already they helped over 100,000 Umrah & Hajj pilgrims over the past 20+ years in performing Umrah & Hajj.

Office: Al-Razi Complex (6th Floor), Suite #D-604, 166-167 Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Saroni, Purana Palton, Dhaka-1000


Labbaik Overseas Ltd is a well-reputed Umrah travel agency in Bangladesh. This agency is dedicated to providing impeccable service to pilgrims and enabling uninterrupted worship through advanced facilities.

Office: Rahmaniya International Complex, 8th Floor, Suite# 12, 28/1/C, Toynbee Circular Road, Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh


The Importance of Choosing the Right Umrah Agency

Choosing the right Umrah agency is a very important factor in performing Umrah. Otherwise, many problems are faced in the Umrah journey. So before performing Umrah, know the importance of choosing the right Umrah agency.

Peace of mind

When you book your Umrah package with a reputable agency, you can be confident that your trip will be well-planned and executed. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your spiritual journey.


Umrah agencies have the expertise and experience to help you with all aspects of your pilgrimage, from visa processing to flight booking to hotel accommodations. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Customer service

Good Umrah agencies will provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process, from the moment you book your package to the moment you return home. This includes being responsive to your inquiries, providing you with updates on your trip, and resolving any issues that may arise.

Value for money

Umrah agencies can offer competitive prices on Umrah packages, and they can also help you save money on things like flights and hotels.


Holy Hajj & Umrah is a trusted Umrah agency in Bangladesh that helps people make informed decisions about choosing the right agency for their pilgrimage. We offer a wide range of services, including visa processing, flight booking, hotel accommodations, guidance from experienced religious scholars, and budget-friendly and luxury packages. So, contact us today and let us help you plan a successful and spiritually fulfilling Umrah pilgrimage.

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